Thursday, 8 May 2014


Day 1

I arrived hot and sticky at Bangkok International Suvarnabhumi airport on time at 23.15. Boy was it hot!....although it didn't help as I had Jeans and a coat on, following my trip to Hong Kong. I put my DTAC SIM in my mobile and was back online fairly quickly. I had a Data only package, which gave me unlimited data as long as I spent 50 Baht a day.

I collected my backpack and went through immigration quickly and made my way to the metered taxis down on Level 1. If i'd arrived a bit earlier I could have caught the airport express train, but this finishes at around midnight. The 1 hour journey in the taxi cost 500 Baht, and it took me to my hostel, where I'm staying  the next 3 nights.

 I'm stopping at Lub D Hostel in Silom - 440 Baht a night in an 8 bed Mixed Dorm. The hostel is a funky place, with an industrialised decor and friendly staff at reception. I checked in and went to my Dorm, lights out and people snoring in the darkness. I found an empty bunk (top) had a quick shower and went to bed....


I woke up at about 7.00 am - My Birthday!  St.Patricks day!...I opened a couple of cards that I had been given to take with me, got showered and dressed, and had breakfast at the Hostel bar area. I have booked a few trips for my stay in Bangkok with the Hostel - more about those later.

I went out for an explore down the Silom road past a Hindu temple, and by luck I found an Irish bar. It was early (about 10.00) but what the hell, my birthday deserved a pint of Guinness to set me up for the day!

I carried on down Silom road and found the Chao Phraya River where I could catch the water bus down the river to the Wats and sights of Bangkok.  The Water bus passed hotels, Wats, Markets and Thai people going about their day. I got off  at stop N10 at Wang Lang, where there was an exciting market to walk through. So may different types of street food, which I think I'm going to live on in Thailand!

The market was very busy and a great place to people watch and take in the atmosphere.I walked on past different Wats and saw groups of brightly dressed Monks in bright orange robes. I caught a Tuk Tuk for 100 Baht to take me onto Wat Arun, an ancient temple on the banks of the river.....

I took a Tuk Tuk Back to the market, and back to where I could pick up the Water Bus. I got off on the other side of the river, and found the infamous backpacker heartland around Koh San Road. The road was full of bars and cheap hostels, and market stalls selling hippy clothing and street food. I had a couple of Chang beers at a backpacker hangout and then had a Thai massage at a Parlour next door. Brilliant relaxation to soothe my aching feet and bones from my  travels. 

I carried on my exploring past a huge oval park called Sanam Luang where some people were flying kites and old men were playing board games. I carried on past the Grand Palace and onto Wat Pho. This is a complex of temples and buildings, including one that contained a huge Gold Reclining Buddha which filled the whole of one of the temples. It looked stunning and was worth the visit. At this time of day (6pm) it was quiet and the spires from the temples looked beautiful in the setting sun.

After Wat Pho I walked back to the river to have a few Chang beers to watch the sun setting behind Wat Arun on the opposite bank of the Chao Phraya river. It looked stunning and my birthday beers were going down a treat!

I found myself in China town after a while to have a brilliant spicy King Prawn dish at a street restaurant, and then took a tuk Tuk back to my hostel to have a few beers with my room mates. Mainly young Canadians and Americans who were full of travel tales and full of themselves! There chatter was filled with "dude", "awesome", "sick" and "maaaaannnn"! A nice friendly bunch, but on a different planet to me! I went to my bunk after an "awesome" first day and a great place to spend my birthday. I'm up early tomorrow  for my tour to the train market and floating market at 6.15 I finished off the night with the unglamorous task of doing my laundry at 2.00am! ....raa dtree sa-wat! 

Day 2

I slept well for about 4 hours and was woken by my alarm at 06.15. The bus picked me up at 06.45, and after picking up a few others we were on our way. We had a quick pit stop to pick up a fried chicken breakfast and then onto the train market at Mahachai. We arrived at the market town and we were led to the railway track and left to explore the area for the next one and a half  hours. We were told to look out for the 10.45 train! The market surrounded a railway track with stalls either side of the tracks with some spilling out over onto the sleepers in between. You literally walked through the market on the railway line. The market was full of fresh fish, meat and colourful fruit/veg. It was a proper authentic local market which was packed full of Thais buying produce. I walked up and down the track and bought another snack of delicious fried chicken to keep me going. 

It was now 10.42 and the market traders began to move their goods a  few inches back from the track. The canopies and umbrellas that covered the track walkway  were pulled back. I could sense an imminent arrival! Sure enough I turned round and with a hoot of a horn the 10.45 train came through the market, inches from where I was filming. It was an amazing unique site, no Health & Safety restrictions here!

We got back into our minibus and went onto the floating market about another 30 minutes away. The market was very touristy, and commercialised, although there were a few good photo opportunities as I took a boat down the canals. I had a tasty Pad Thai meal at one of the stalls cooked by a chef sitting in a long boat. The place was full of tourists, and for me this spoilt the experience. The train market was superb, but the floating market didn't float my boat!

I was dropped back to my hostel at about 3.00pm, and spent the rest of the afternoon chilling out after my early start. I finished off the day with a superb meal at a street food area, down a side road off Silom road. I picked a few dishes from the menu, with a Chang beer. It came to about 250 Baht for all the food below.....

Day 3

I got up at 08.30, packed my back pack and had breakfast. I'm going to leave a bin bag full of clothes and bits and pieces I don't need for the rest of my trip, behind at the hostel. They offer free storage, so I can pick them up on my last day in Thailand in a couple of weeks time.

 I caught a taxi to an area called Khlong Toei off the main Sukhumvit road. This was were my next tour was located at ABC Cycle tours. I was booked on the full day tour. I was first to arrive, and chatted to the charming Thai lady called Ja who was to be our guide. She was entertaining and full of life! I was joined by a young German couple. We chose our bikes and off we went. We rode down main roads and across scary busy junctions, and then onto quieter side streets around a Chinese area.

We then arrived at a major Bangkok market called Khlong Toei Pier market. It was an amazing place with some weird and wonderful food. Live Chickens sat below counters that had their freshly killed siblings on. Counters contained every possible part of a butchered pig. Frogs, insects, vegetables were all available. The bonus part was I think we were the only 3 tourists around.

We carried on riding through the suburbs, into slum areas, where life was very simple, but the residents all looked cheerful. We eventually came to a pier and caught a river taxi across the Chao Phraya River, with our bikes. 

The other side in Phra Pradaeng Samut Prakan couldn't have been any more different. It was jungle, complete with a narrow pathway which we were able to cycle through. Ja spotted a giant Dragon type lizard which was about 1 metre long!

 After a while we came to a clearing in the jungle were there was a temple complex and a food stall to have our Pad Thai lunch by the side of a river. Crocodiles could be seen floating lazily down the Khlong (canal). The lunch was delicious......but still feeling a little peckish we were taken on our bikes by Ja to an Ants nest to sample the local delicacy - Ant Larvae!

We cycled back slowly in the hot sun, and arrived back at the start at about 16.00. A brilliant day out to see some of the real areas of Bankok - Highly recommended.

I caught the sky train back to Sala  Daeng at S2 to walk back to my hostel to collect my backpack. On route I was tempted by some more street food. A delicious Mince Pork/rice dish topped with a fried egg for 40 Baht. I arrived back at Lub D Hostel to charge my phone battery and chill for an hour before catching a taxi to Hua Lamphong train station. 

I arrived in plenty of time before my 19.35 night train to Chiang Mai. I stocked up for my journey, buying 
some water, crisps and a bottle of Hong Thong Whiskey! The train station was packed, a prime spot for a bit of people watching to pass the time.

I found my train and settled into my compartment. I shared with a couple -  a woman from Germany, man from Nicaragua! In the next compartment was a Korean man , a group of English girls, and a Thai family! The journey was great fun, and we must have shared about 3 bottles of Whiskey, as we travelled through the night, to Northern Thailand. A word of warning.....The air con compartments get verrrrryyyy cold! 

I woke up with a fuzzy head and had a coffee from the buffet carriage and watched the beautiful countryside pass by..............

It was a great journey with some fun people, and the staff on the train were all brilliant. We arrived pretty much on time at about 10.00.

Day 4

Chiang Mai

I caught a Songthaew (shared taxi) for 50 Baht to my hostel in Chiang Mai. My hostel is called Aoi Garden home, situated within the city walls. The Hostel is incredible value at 120 Baht (about £2.20!) a night in a five bed mixed dorm. The dorm is a cool hut with fans and five single beds and a shared shower/toilet. It is set in a lovely garden with tables chairs and a bar area. I think I'm in for a good stay in Chiang Mai!

I met one of my roommates called Emmanuel from Nice in France. A top guy who made me feel very welcome. He seemed to be the unofficial leader of  the group, and was very familiar with Chiang Mai. He's asked me to join him and a few others to go out for a meal tonight at about 7.30 pm.

I had a coffee in the garden, and booked a few tours with the Hostel. I've also hired a scooter for the rest of the day, to have a bit of an explore. The scooter cost 200 Baht and I put 50 Baht's worth of fuel in the tank. I set off, and visited a couple of magnificent Wats in Chiang Mai, before heading out in the direction  of Doi Pui National park. 

It was a long, fast and windy road up the hills and mountains surrounding Chiang Mai. First stop was an incredible waterfall at Huaykeaw. a beautiful setting with locals enjoying a day out. An exotic line up of fried insects made up the street food on offer around here!

I carried on up the mountain road, stopping off at a few viewpoints on the way. After a while I came to the Doi Suthep temple. 

It was a magnificent temple that looked out over the surrounding hills and valleys. Inside one of the temples I sat with the other pilgrims to be blessed by the Buddhist monk. He gave me a string band to wear on my wrist for good luck.

I road on for miles and miles, and the roads got narrower, and eventually became a dirt track. I arrived at a hill tribe village called Hmong khun Chang Kian. It was in a brilliant setting, not a tourist in site, just villagers going on with their daily routine. Exactly what I was looking for, and a great explorer moment! I stayed for a while to take photos and have a beer to cool down. It was getting very hot now, and I was getting conscious of the time as it was about 5.30pm,  and I was at least an hours ride away from Chiang Mai. I decided to leave and rode back down the mountain, and got back to the hostel as it began to get dark.

I had a quick freshen up, before I joined Emmanuel and three others to go out for dinner. We went to a local restaurant called Mr Kai's. The food was amazing there and incredibly good value. I had a typical Chiang Mai dish called Khao Soi. It was a chicken dish served with fried egg noodles in a spicy coconut curry sauce. It cost 50 Baht and was my favourite meal so far. 

After the meal, we went to a chilled roof top bar to have a few beers. A great end to a busy first day in Chiang Mai.

Day 5

I got up at 08.00 for my days trekking that I have arranged. I had a quick breakfast of banana pancake and coffee, before being picked up and taken to the surrounding hills to meet my guide. I had my own personal guide, a guy from one of the hill tribes called "Rambo Pat"! He was a friendly chap and spoke good English and was great company. We walked through fields and across streams to our first stop at the long neck tribe.......

We carried on walking through jungle and up and down hills until we cam to a stunning waterfall, where I could jump into the  pool to cool off. 

We carried on walking for miles and miles, the scenery was spectacular. Bush fires were blazing away in parts and there was a hazy smog lingering in the hills. We stopped off for our lunch that I had been carrying - A banana leaf parcel containing a fried rice meal.  It was still warm after several hours of trekking and tasted good. To accompany the meal I was given a piece of snake to eat! A tough piece of skin and chewy meat cooked in a hot curry sauce. Not something I will rush back to order in a restaurant!

We walked through more dense forest and jungle, then down a steep valley to another oasis like waterfall with a cool pool to chill out in. A much needed swim as it was now very hot, and we had walked for over 15 km.

We got back to our parked truck and drove to a nearby village where I bought Pat a beer and thanked him for a brilliant trek through some amazing Thai countryside.

I was dropped back at my hostel as the sun began to set to meet up with the others at Aoi Gardens. A quick shower and change and we were back in Mr Kai's restaurant for another delicious meal. The crowd was getting bigger. This time 8 of us were out in force from the hostel, and they are good fun bunch of people. 

My legs were aching after my trek, so i went for a Thai massage at Fah Lanna Spa, in the road next to my hostel. A much needed massage which I was hoping would sort me out before my legs would fall off!

It did the trick, and I was refreshed enough to have a few beers back at the hostel with the others...We played a drinking game, that Emmanuel had learnt in China. So it became the "the Chinese drinking game" a complex set of rules played with a deck of cards.

Ace-nominate another person to take a drink
2 - Mr. Bitch
3- miss a go
4 - nominate Rock/paper/stone
5- need to freeze like a statue
6 - everyone Rock/paper/stone
7- touch your nose
8 - pass to go to toilet
10 Idiot - ignore the idiot
King - 3 kings game over.

Basically you end up drunk. I even headed back to the wrong dormitory!

Day 6/7

I woke up at 7.00am , and got showered and ready for my next trip. I packed an overnight bag, for my 2 day stay at The Elephant Nature Park.

 I was picked up by a mini bus for the 1.5 hour drive up in the hills to the north of Chiang Mai. we arrived and were given a briefing by one of the guides. 

I got to feed the beautiful animals with bucket loads of fruit - melons and bananas seemed to be a favourite! We then went off for a walk round part of the nature reserve and got up close to the elephants as they wandered about the acres of land. They have long been my favourite animal, and for me this was the perfect way to spend a few days. 

We watched a video in the hut at lunch time, which showed how the elephants are mistreated when they are captured from the wild, and "broken in" for use in the tourist industry. It was heartbreaking to watch how these majestic animals could be abused. This place has rescued hundreds of these elephants over the years, buying them from trek companies and given them a place to recover and enjoy their life. Some they are hoping to release back into the wild.

We were  able to join them in a nearby river on the camp, to help wash them with bucket fulls of water, and feed them more fruit. The elephant I was washing had been blinded during her time as a tourist elephant. She was such a gentle animal.

After lunch we were able to check in and go to our rooms to shower and freshen up. The room was a luxury after my travels staying in dorms. My room here was en suite with a huge double bed all to myself!

In the evening we had a delicious Thai vegetarian meal, and were entertained by a group of local children dancing in costume. The beer was flowing and it was a great way to end the day. I went back to my hut in the darkness to chill out for the rest of the evening. It was incredible to hear the elephants wandering about and blowing there trunks throughout the night. 

After breakfast we were taken around the rest of the camp to see the different herds of elephants scattered about. Part of the park is also a dogs home where hundreds of dogs have been rescued and given a place to be looked after and to run around.

Anyone visiting Thailand, I would urge to come to this amazing place, rather than go on an elephant trek....The elephants at this rescue centre have broken legs, backs and souls. They have endured a lifetime of abuse. Some have even been blinded. They have been rescued by The Elephant Nature Park from the tourist industry and are lovingly cared for here. An amazing place for an amazing animal. 

I was driven back to Chiang Mai, to my hostel to meet up with my friends. We are off out again to Mr Kai's restaurant. This time with a record group of 16!! English, French, German, Dutch, Americans, New Zealanders all made for a great bunch of people!

It was also the Sunday night market in the centre of Chiang Mai. A huge place full of crafts, clothing and delicious street food. I also had a 20 minute session at spa where you put your feet in a tank full of fish who spend the next 20 minutes snacking on the skin on your feet! I went back to my bed at the hostel a happy man after the last couple of days adventures.

Day 8

I allowed myself a bit of a lie-in and got up at about 9.00am to have a full English breakfast. I did a bit of laundry in the sink next to my hut, and then decided to hire a scooter for the morning to explore within the city walls of Chiang Mai. I was also able to collect my camera which I had managed to leave behind on the bus back from the Elephant Nature Park. Thankfully they had found it and took it back to their office in Chiang Mai. I explored the Wats that were around the town. Some beautiful ancient buildings filled with golden statues of Buddha. The scooter was a great way to whizz around town to see some of the sights.

 I got back at about midday ready for my afternoon/ evening tour that I had booked with Skyline Adventures!!  It was billed as the longest and highest Zip wire in Thailand! It was high up in the mountains and hills, some 60km North of Chiang Mai at a place called Doi Saket.  It definitely lived up to its reputation, with 28 lines that zipped you over the rain forest and jungle canopy, and some of the view were absolutely incredible!

This poor Thai girl was reduced to tears before her abseil down to the platform below!

We Zipped back to were we started about 3 hours later, just as the sun was beginning to go down, and had a delicious curry that had been cooked for us. The guys that helped us round were a great bunch of locals, great entertainment and full of banter. They were showing off by gliding upside down on some of the lines, but they were very conscious of our safety, ensuring we were always harnessed onto a line or a tree. A brilliant tour and a great way to see the natural environment. I got back at about 9pm, in time for another round of the Chinese drinking game!

Day 9

It was now Tuesday and my last day in Chiang Mai before my night train  back to Bangkok at 4.30pm. I packed my backpack and went out with a few of my mates from the hostel for a breakfast at a shack down the road. Soup and a Thai rice dish came to 40 Baht, and it was very tasty.

I left the others for a while and went off for a Thai massage at the ChiangMai Women's correctional Institution Spa. Basically a massage centre where the masseurs are Female prisoners from a local prison who are getting a bit of rehabilitation. The Massage was very good and worth the 150 Baht and it gives the inmates some vocational training.

After my massage I went back to my hostel to meet up with Emmanuel, Bob and Marcella for a final meal at Mr.Kais restaurant. This place is absolutely fantastic, and I recommend it to anyone visiting Chiang Mai. First class food and service and amazingly cheap. 

 I said my goodbyes to my buddies and caught a Songthaew back to the station at Chiang Mai, and boarded my train for my journey to Bangkok. I left my backpack in my sleeping compartment and found a good spot in the restaurant/bar carriage. It was a great view as the sun set behind the hills.

After a few beers, i began to notice how the music in the bar had become a lot louder and disco lights were starting to flash as it got darker. There was even a mirror disco globe! The carriage was packed with a mix of nationalities, and a large crowd of Dutch. As the night went on more and more beer was flowing and the carriage became a full on disco with everyone dancing and singing! A brilliant and crazy experience, and one of the maddest train journeys I have been on!

I woke up with a sore head and still very sleepy, but I had to get up as my train was due to arrive at Ayyuthaya at 5.00AM, and I had planned on staying there for the day.

Day 10 


The train arrived on time in  darkness at 05.00, as soon as I got off Tuk Tuk drivers approached me offering tours of Ayyuthaya. I was prime target as I had a hangover, was tired and not in the mood to strike up a deal. I felt like I had a good offer however and paid 1000 Baht for the services of a driver for a day to take me around the ancient former capital of Thailand. We started off with a fried pastry breakfast and coffee at a street food stall, and I was able to charge my phone for 45 minutes. 

Then we went off in the Tuk Tuk to see the various Wats and statues of Buddha that are spread around the city. Ayutthaya is a registered UNESCO heritage site, and some of the Wats were really ancient and showed their age.

Wat Lokayasutharam

I finished off the tour with lunch at a floating market in Ayyutthaya and was dropped off at the train station ready for my local train back to Bangkok.
The train journey in a second class Bogie  was pleasant through the countryside and then through the suburbs of Bangkok. The train arrived at about 15.00, and I caught a taxi to my next hostel. I was supposed to be stopping for two nights at Napark hostel at Khao San, but I've changed my plans and will only stay the one night as I'm in need of some proper R&R at my next stop.
The hostel itself was fine, in the next road up from the famous Koh San Road. Plenty of bars and restaurants and lots of street food, including some tasty scorpions! I settled for an Indian meal, a mixed veg Thali, which was decent. I also managed to sort out a coach to transfer me to my next destination at 08.00 tomorrow morning. I was very tired and although it was only 21.00, I decided to go to my bunk with a coffee to chill and get some sleep. Unfortunately from about 03.00 onwards a girl  who came back in the bunk next to me was feeling very amorous with the fella she had bought back with her. They proceeded to moan and groan and scream  for the next two hours breaking one of the cardinal sins of hostel dormitory accommodation...

Thou shalt not shag!

Day 11

Koh Chang

I was glad I was checking out of the hostel, and I made my way to where the coach was to pick me up. The coach to Koh Chang was here!The coach was a double Decker with decent seating and the six hour journey to the ferry port went pretty quickly, stopping off for thirty minutes half way through the journey for a break to have lunch and a beer. We got to the ferry and walked on and went up to the open top deck. The hour long journey was pleasant. As the island of Koh Chang got closer, I was glad I was to be here for five days.

After the ferry it was then a case of jumping on one of the waiting shared taxis that was going to my accommodation over on the far side of the island. The Songthaew went up and down the hills on the coastal road that went round the island. 30 minutes later I was at the end of the path that led to my home at Lonely Beach, Koh Chang. Little Eden looked perfect! I walked into the open plan reception/lounge/bar/chill out area and was greeted by David, the owner of Little Eden. First things first......Leo Beer. 1 required urgently to cool off!!
He was a funny guy, a bit of an eccentric who made me feel welcome. He showed me to my own little hut. Luxury and a bit of privacy. The Hut was ideal, with a comfy double bed, an en suite shower/WC that was partially open to the rain forest behind and a hammock draped across my veranda. I showered and put in a bag of laundry, and then went out for a meal at a nearby restaurant.

I came back to my hut at about 10pm, tired after my long day transfer to Koh Chang. I bought another bottle of Leo beer from David and chilled out in my hammock listening to the noises coming from the surrounding jungle!

Day 12

I had a great nights sleep, but was woken up at about 07.00 to a tropical storm. The rain was coming down fast accompanied by thunder and lightening. Gods own alarm call! It had stopped by about 09.00 so I ventured out. I've decided to hire a scooter for the duration of my stay in Koh Chang, and at 200 Baht a day quite a bargain.
After breakfast at Little Eden, I set off with my map and took the coastal road completely around the island. I stopped off at some stunning looking beaches and coves to take a few photos. It was like paradise.

After about an hour and a 50km ride I came to a temple near to Salek Khok, having seen plenty of Wats the last 3 weeks, i took a quick photo of the outside and carried on to a little fishing village called Salak Phet.

I spotted a shop in the village that had Kayaks for hire, so decided to go for it! The shop also had some street food, so I asked for a takeaway Pad Thai, to take with me. I paddled out of the harbour and across the open sea. The sea was fairly calm. There was an Island that took me about 30 minutes to paddle to. The island was like my own little desert island. White sands, Turquoise sea, Palm trees and was completely deserted. I checked my map and it looks like I've landed on an island called Koh Phrao Nai. 

I reached the shore and secured my Kayak. I made myself comfy on my towel and enjoyed my Pad Thai Packed lunch! It was so hot and sunny, so I went i the sea for a dip to cool off. I managed to tread on a Sea Urchin, who left long black spikes buried in my foot. It bled a bit and stung. I guess I was a bit worried, being stranded on an island all by myself with what could have been venomous spikes stuck in my foot!! I decided I'd best paddle back to the mainland. I showed the lady from the shop my foot and she went off and grated some coconut and pasted it on my foot with some lemon  juice. It seemed to help, and I'm still here to tell the tale!

I carried on my scooter back the way I came. The coastal road is brilliant and has some fantastic views. Its a fast road and fairly quiet in most parts. It was approaching sunset, so I stopped off at a clifftop view point not far from lonely beach to take pictures of the setting sun................................

I finished off a brilliant day with a hot Thai Green curry and a few bottles of Leo in one of the restaurants close by to my Hut.

Day 12

I wanted to keep activity to a minimum today so after breakfast I took my Scooter out to a few beaches south of Lonely Beach. They were beautiful sandy beaches and the sun was baking hot. I spent the majority of the day either in the sun or taking shade from a palm tree.

The beaches were all very quiet with the odd cafe or beach hut serving food and drink. The sea was nice and clear and I managed to avoid the Sea Urchins!

By about 3pm I was well and truly chilled and had caught the sun. I went for a massage and the Masseur covered me in Aloe Vera which acted as an after sun to cool my skin down. The first time in my travels that I can  pretty  much say nothing happened other than another gorgeous sunset....

Day 13

Today I woke up to another gorgeous day in paradise. I've got a boat trip arranged today organised by David at Little Eden. I was picked up after breakfast and taken along with a few others to the fishing village at Bang Bao. This is where the boat trip began. We set off with about 10 others on the boat out into the Gulf of Thailand to several small islands that surrounded Koh Chang.

The boat anchored up at one of the islands and they provided us with goggles and a snorkel for us to go snorkeling. The sea was incredibly clear and was the best place I have ever snorkeled. There were thousands of  fish of different sizes and bright colours. The sea bed had coral and the dreaded Sea Urchins! The spikes from the Sea Urchins were huge, so I think I was relatively lucky the other day. We spent an hour swimming around with the fish, burning my back and neck in the process!

The boat carried on again to a few more islands for more diving and swimming. We stopped off for lunch and had the delicious Thai food that had been cooked for us by the crew. We were also given a fishing line and some squid as bait, and caught some decent fish that were then fried up for us as another course to our lunch. I managed to catch this brown and white spotted beauty.....

Towards the end of the boat trip we stopped off near some rocks to watch a few families of Monkeys that were feeding on fruit. 

It was a brilliant day out on Mr Khai's boat. I got back and went out on my scooter to catch the sunset again before another fabulous Thai meal in the village.

Day 14

I had booked another activity today at the Blue Lagoon school of cookery about 10 km ride away on my scooter. The school was in a beautiful setting on the bank of a lagoon, next to the beach. The day was brilliant from start to finish. The instructor Ja spoke excellent English and was very entertaining. She explained about the different ingredients we were going to use, and their health benefits.

We started off the day with a nice sweet drink made from butterfly pea, and then went on to prepare the food that we were going to cook. We all made Pad Thai each and three types of spring roll, which looked very professional when we had finished. Our dishes were garnished with a flower I carved from a tomato. I never knew how they did this!!Easy when you know how!

My Pad Thai!

we then were able to chose a type of curry that we wanted to make. Massaman, Thai Green curry and Jungle curry that I chose. Ja raised an eyebrow after I made my choice as it was a very hot Thai curry, but I was game for it! The curry had about 5 different varieties of Ginger in it along with Chili and Prawn. We sat down for a big banquet together to eat and share our dishes. They were all some of the tastiest food I have ever eaten. We finished off with a banana spring roll covered in chocolate sauce. The day was brilliant and I can't recommend it enough. Worth every last Baht. It also includes a beautifully put together book of recipes that you can keep and a bag of dried Butterfly Peas to make your own sweet drink.

Day 15

It was finally time to leave Koh Chang. I checked out of Little Eden, and settled my bill with David the owner. David had been an excellent host, full of advice and stories, and it was good to come back to little Eden each evening to chat with him and the other guests, David was invariably on his way to getting tipsy and a funny character.  No money had changed hands so far for my accommodation, my drinks and breakfasts and the tours that he had arranged for me.I settled my bill for my stay, which was excellent value and I really enjoyed my stay there, I'm sure I will return one day.

 I caught my shared taxi back to Centre Point to catch the Ferry back to the mainland. My coach came about 11.30am to take me back to Bangkok, stopping off on the way at the service station for lunch. The coach from Bangkok to Koh Chang was excellent value at 300 Baht each way including the Ferry.

The coach dropped me off at Bangkok station at about 4.30pm, and I caught a taxi to the Silom area (close to my original hostel Lub D), only this time I was going to have my last night of my trip in a bit of luxury! I've treated myself to a stay at Furama Hotel on Silom road. I actually got a bargain as I had spotted an offer before I came out on Travelzoo. I had a deluxe room and I'm glad I made this choice!

I dropped my backpack off in my room on the 17th floor and went up to the roof on the 19th. There was a great rooftop swimming pool with sun loungers and a bar. It was about 5.30pm now so I decided to stay up here for a while for a few expensive beers to watch the sun go down over Bangkok. The sunset with the office blocks and building was every bit as beautiful as the sunsets over the sea.

I went out for a meal down a side road of Silom, which as usual was delicious, and then walked back up Silom road to the infamous Patapong Night market. A street lined with market stalls in the centre and go-go bars on the outside. There were a few standard bars too with live music. This Thai band played a good set of covers.

Day 16

My last day had finally arrived, I could easily get used to this lifestyle, but the bills need to be paid. I got up at 08.30 after a lovely comfortable night in my room. There was a huge buffet breakfast included with Asian and Western food. I settled for a full English to acclimatise myself for home! I was going to make the most of the hot sun, so I spent the morning round the rooftop pool, swimming every now and again to cool off.

I had to check out at 14.00 and I could leave my bags at reception until my taxi at 22.00 tonight. I went off for a wander towards Lumpini Park, stopping off for a Thai massage on the way, as you do. Lumpini Park was the main place for the anti government protests that were going on. I stuck to the road, but it looked more like a festival than a protest in the park. I went by Sky train to Sukhumvit road to have a look round and sample a bit of street food snacks, and a couple of beers.

It was then back to the hotel rooftop to catch my last sunset..........

This has been a trip of a lifetime, combined with 5 days in Hong Kong. The places are really stunning, the Hostels and Hotels I have stopped in have been first class (with the exception of  shaggergate). I have met some great people from all over the world, who I will never forget, and look on in envy as they continue their travels!

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